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About The B2B Cold Email System

This system was created out of a need to generate new business without an established brand, no seo ranking, and absolutely no connections.

My name is Greg Berry and while launching my latest startup, I found myself in the usual position.  Either raise capital or find a way to generate income to fund the new business while I work on it.

I began a deep dive into my options and determined the best possible strategy is cold emails.  If I can locate appropriate businesses, qualify them, extract the proper emails and information, and then contact them with my offer, I figured I'd have a profitable business without any cash outlay.

This is when I stumbled upon a system that can drive leads (automatically) to virtually any B2B business while still having the time to work on my startup business.  With only a $67 outlay plus the cost/time of the list research and building, I created a system that generates leads daily and brings me a full time income while I have free time to work on my businesses instead of in them.

This is from one list of landscape companies in Massachusetts that qualified for my offer.
This single list of 302 companies generated 41 responses.
This is only 1 list out of over 15 that I set up within a weeks time.

This is from another list of landscape companies in Connecticut that qualified for my offer.
This single list of 174 companies generated 18 responses.

Here is a measly list of 67 prospects that generated 11 responses.
Notice the open rates on these emails.  It's very simple, concise, and polite.

I created a simple step by step pdf that teaches any B2B salesperson how to emulate my
exact system in a few days, for free!  Get the pdf below, if you'd like.

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This system works for any b2b business in any niche for any salesperson.  It doesn't matter if you're a fast talking closer or a introvert who dreads making phone calls, you'll generate more leads, period.

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